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Version - Admin Login Stopped working.



  • Mike Trotta

    ok. I found the user file. changed method to md5.


    but the last step makes no sense as it says to go to the admin panel and change the password.  If i could log in i would certainly have doen that without going through this method...

    starting to be sorry about choosing opencart.

  • Karapuz

    Hello, Mike,

    I did not see that youtube video, but probably they mean that you can use the new password which you set as md5 hash.

    Actually, it is strange that your admin password stops working. I never saw such issue. Maybe you should find out what is happening in the first place.

    If you still have any issues with logging in, feel free to post your comment here, I will try to help.

    Kind regards


  • Mike Trotta

    Google "CANT login in to opencart admin"

    It is a VERY common issue.

    It is a time zone issue in my case.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Install

    2. System--> Edit Store --> Local(TAB)

    3. Change Time Zone.

    4. Save and Logout

    As soon as I change the time zone from UK to America/New York(-4:00) I can no longer long in to admin console.  And you cant even change password with email option so thats probably whole other seperate bug.


  • Mike Trotta

    This worked for me.  Version


    Change the default time_zone in /system/config/default.php with yours, for example in my case:

    // Date
    $_['date_timezone'] = 'America/New_York';
  • Karapuz

    😲 I never saw it in the past. Thank you for submitting those details. I will keep an eye on it.

  • Mike Trotta

    I can see posts back as far as 2014... so this issue is the dog chasing its tail on every new version. Time zones must not be programmed properly from the start of this project. Time zones don't change over time... Its not like technology changes in time zones...  That should be a set it and forget it type feature.

  • Kentaki

    It's been happening to me since a long time. But your details have helped me a bunch in this issue and as I was just trying to make a new post I stumbled upon yours and it's a blessing. Thank you and It happened when I was trying to make an order of undersized grips But it would not happen otherwise, I don't know but it has helped so again thanks. 




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