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How to make custom and sticky sidebar?



  • Chad S. Koch
    You can either make a custom stylesheet specifying the sidebar style or you can add an inline CSS code "position: sticky" to your sidebar element/container.

    With the former, add a custom class to your sidebar container (e.g. <div class="stickySidebar"><ul>...</ul></div>) and add position:sticky in your CSS stylesheet:

    .stickySidebar{ position: sticky; }

    or if you want to see the result without doing those steps, add an inline CSS in your sidebar container:

    <div class="sidebar" style="position: sticky;">
  • Emma ava

    Sidebars provide a great way to customize your blog or website. You can use them to add extra information, links, or even advertisements. Adding a sidebar is easy and only requires a few lines of code.

    There are many ways to style your sidebar. You can make it static so it always appears in the same spot, or you can make it sticky, so it scrolls with the page. You can also change the width and position of the sidebar.

  • Xdio Gawer

    Some very extra ordinary sidebar features available you can just take the code and customize it according to your requirements like you can check Scent Door side bar if you have a ecommerce site then you can pick this sidebar code.


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