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vat sweden



  • Dymago

    You have to add the price ex. VAT for your products. In Store settings you can set whether you want to show price incl. or ex. VAT.

  • Swestudio46

    Hi But if i will add excl VAT


    then customer will not see how much VAT is 

  • Dymago

    you have to set store settings (tab options) Display Prices With Tax = yes

    You can select Shipping Address for Store Tax Address and Customers Address.

    Then check in System => Localisation => Taxes => Tax Classes and open Tax Class, and see if the selection is based on the Shipping Address as well

  • Egil Hansen

    If I understand you correctly you want to offer your product for 100 SEK to your customers ( perhaps your customers are mostly individuals - not companies - in which case they expect your prices to be "vat inclusive".

    Then you need to set the price to 80 SEK, and final checkout will be


    price 80

    vat 20

    total 100.


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