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Opencart on Azure send Email



  • Admin

    Hi Robert,

    I tried to set my installation up with 'mail and 'smtp' mailing with no luck from either, however... it was suggested by this community to install vqmod if not already installed and try again, which worked using the 'mail' setting.


  • Admin

    p.s. which web host are you using?

  • okpaluba chinazom

    hello Robert Wessel

    i have analyzed the App Services of the Microsoft Azure..

    if you have access to ur web file (i.e being able to add files/folder to the root folder of your site in Microsoft Azure)

    (1) Install an opencart vqmod.

    (2) u don't  need to install any module/extension  for ur mail to work.. uninstall that  module/extension you said u bought.

    (3) u dont need to use SMTP protocol.

    (4) Use the default Mail protocol.. Set it up from ur admin (backend)>>system>>settings

    set up ur store and set up your mail protocol using (Mail) dont use (SMTP)

    add up ur Email Address and send massage through your contact page.

    Follow the Step above to solve your problem..

    i will advice you to go for an eCommerce hosting site..


    kind regards. 


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