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How can I add opencart with Api on my website?



  • Dahn Wacye

    Taskade templates also use an API system to detect many templates over the internet but now a days API is not working fine but if you have paid one you can integrate through plugin header and footer plugin.

  • meatesm827

    If you need data from websites like curiositypetshop that don't change their structure a lot (like Amazon) or have the capacity to support their APIs, then you should use them. But don't rely on APIs for everything. Just because an API is available doesn't mean it always will be.

    For using OpenCart API you should enable it previously, via admin part of you're site. Go to System->Users->API and you'll see a predefined user named "Default". Edit it - and the are no API-key so generate it, by pressing the button and set "Status" to enable.


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