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How do I add bulk SKUs to a product?



  • icemachine

    There will come a time on where your business grows and this is the time where you need to keep up with the market demand. One way of keeping up with your growing business is to know how to upload your products on your Shopify Inventory in bulk.

    There are a couple of ways in uploading a product in bulk on Shopify. You may upload a large number of items and their information at once using a CSV file. If you wish to transmit product information between Shopify and another system, this might be useful.

    If you choose to import a CSV file, be sure to follow Shopify's CSV structure requirements to ensure the file is exported appropriately. Your CSV file must be under 15MB in size to guarantee a successful import. Otherwise, the product import from Shopify may be partial or fail.

    This tutorial is basically general knowledge that you need to know. We will walk you through all of the columns and how you can fill them up. 

  • seo
    Can a product have multiple SKU?
    Every product you sell needs a unique identifier—called a stock keeping unit (SKU)—that helps you differentiate one product from another. It's not enough to have one SKU for a t-shirt, for instance. Each variant of a product should have different SKUs.
  • usman ali
    In Retail POSyou are able to add multiple barcodes that can be scanned alongside the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). These can be captured on standard and variant products, and used for scanning/selling and inventory management without sacrificing the ability to identify products internally using a SKU.
  • dataup time

    This means that a product with the same UPC can have two different SKUs from two different sellers. SKUs are also unique and specific to each location. For example, if you have one product stored within two warehouses, you will need to create two different SKUs to allow for efficient inventory management


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