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  • Info

    This is a new installation of Opencart....and i can't get the "module" tab !!

    I need it to install : "Live Theme Editor Extension"

    In order to install Live Theme Editor extension, please follow the instructions below.

    1. Go to admin > Extensions > Extension Installer and upload the Live Theme Editor extension.
    2. Go to admin > Extensions > Modifications and click on Refresh button.
    3. In admin > Extensions > Modules, install viethemes - Live Theme Editor.
    4. Go to the Live Theme Editor module to customize your theme

    So i am stock at step 2 !

    How to fix it ?

  • Diana Casoria

    I also add module in my website marvel, you can follow these steps

    1.copy the upload folder that comes inside the module and simply paste all the folders inside it( e.g. admin,system) to your opencart root it will ask if you want to override files , choose yes(since these will be new files) .
    2.go to admin panel > module and click install under the module name.

  • Christos Gaitanaris

    There is no one directory. Module files go in a number of directories. What you need to do is upload the files of the module keeping the structure within. With most FTP clients you can merge the folders by just uploading the contents of an "upload" folder to your web server's document root directory (public_html, httpdocs or htdocs usually)  I also use this method on my video downloader website.


  • davidsmith21

    I also want to add module on my website which is related to aim booster. I need a tutorial video, if you can provide me please let me know.


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