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  • Kizmo

    Hello Carlos, 

    can you provide me more information about your installation, 
    - do you have any running VQmod extension
    - is this happen when use my extension xml?
    - what OC version you are running
    - i get 404 (page not found) when run the url you provide me?


  • ruslan.shv

    type to my email please

  • Rus Eif

    The getting to know curve is smoother than different languages which include Java, which quickly calls for getting to know about Object Oriented Programming or C/C++ that calls for understanding hints to apply the program on the behavior therapy service page..

  • Kench Oraka

    I can select to print the packing lists inside Shopify, and a new window opens with the packing lists with new new sublimation printer for beginners, but the choice to print does not appear as it used to.

  • Jers Mond

    We might additionally want to have more granularity within our network. We are seeking to definitely reorganize our posts and having sub-topics would be a excellent manner to get this accomplished with tennis ball machine.

  • Elis Moer

    Absolutely accept as true with this. It's probably not a blocker for us to head live with Help Center however it's disappointing to recognise how restricted we are in phrases of enterprise in the mean time. Hope this makes it in to a launch soon to process the hunting manual page.

  • nyra sharma



    The Java 8 date and opportunity API accompanies a class called LocalTime. This class gives an opportunity in the hour-minute-second organization.


    Utilizing the LocalTime Class Example

    import java.time.LocalTime;


    public class DateTimeAPI {

        public static void main(String[] args) {

            // make another time object that stores the neighborhood time

            LocalTime time =;


            System.out.println("The current hour is: " + time.getHour());

            System.out.println("The current moment is: " + time.getMinute());

            System.out.println("The current second is: " + time.getSecond());

            System.out.println("The current opportunity to the nanosecond is: " + time);




    Regards - Job Oriented Java Certification Course in Pune


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