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Sales/Orders report which includes options


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  • GabrielLuke

    The Sales Order report lists all open sales showing quantity ordered, quantity shipped, and quantity remaining to be shipped. You can specify to include sales orders that include all quantities or only those where the quantity shipped was not the same as the quantity ordered. I Also have an online store about Hoodies

    • Date: You have the choice of All, Range, Today, This Period, and the week, month, period, quarter, and year to date. If you select Range, you can enter a beginning and ending date.
    • Sort by: You can sort by sales order number, ship-by date, customer ID, or item ID.
    • Select a filter: First, select a filter on the left. Then, define the options for that filter on the right. The options differ based on the filter selected. Tell me more about the types of filter options.

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