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Pay pal express not work! Version



  • David Cropley

    Have you tried to add the module into the layout yet. You will need to enable the module once you've added the settings then go to design/layout and decide where you want it to show.

  • Josip Tokic

    Hi. My module show where i want but when i click pay i get message "PayPal returned API error code 10417 - Transaction cannot complete - "Instruct the customer to retry the transaction using an alternative payment method from the customer's PayPal wallet" or "The transaction did not complete with the customer's selected payment method." . 

    I have tried some extension and now I do not have my existing paypal express extensions.
    I have error when i put api username,password and signature: 

    Undefined index: pp_express_test in /home/colnumis/public_html/admin/controller/extension/payment/
     on line 358Notice: Undefined index: pp_express_username in /home/colnumis/public_
     on line 371Notice: Undefined index: pp_

    express_password in /home/colnumis/public_html/admin/controller/extension/payment/pp_express.php 
    on line 375Notice: Undefined index: pp_express_signature in /home/colnumis/public_html/admin/
     on line 379.

    I tried to return the page in C panel to the previous day when everything worked but did not help.
    Can you halp me whit this problem?
    Regards, Josip
  • David Cropley

    I had a similar problem once and if I can remember I got it working by recopying the pp_express.php file to the admin folder. You can try to copy it from the original opencart files download able from the opencart website. If that doesn't work you will have to get the file from the opencart forum or github as it may be due to a bug in the original file. Good luck!


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