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How to add tracking number and tracking url in order??


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  • jim smiths

    To add the Tracking URL to the fulfillment:

    1. Navigate to the Shipment of the Sales Order

    2. On the Shipment page, click on Edit

    3. From the Delivery drop-down menu, select Courier

    4. From the Carrier drop-down menu, select the correct Carrier 

    5. Within the Tracking # field, enter the Tracking Number

    6. Click Save to generate the Tracking URL

    1. If you do not see the Carrier you wish to use from the Carrier drop-down list, please reach out to support with the Carrier Name and an active URL in order to have the carrier added. Example of an active of lil peep shoe collection URL<some tracking number>&action=track
    2. You will not see the full Tracking URL on the Shipment Page. You will see the Tracking Number hyperlink - once clicked, it will redirect you to the Shipping Carrier's website to view the tracking details.

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