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WHY DO YOU HAVE STILL THAT? : Waiting for Proof of ID



  • underr

    As OpenCart is selling digital goods, they will need to protect their sellers from fraudulent purchases. The orders are flagged up by fraud prevention system, and it will usually take one business day or less for them to verify your order. Please write in to OpenCart if your order is assigned the "Waiting for Proof of ID" status.

  • MarisD

    All major credit cards have identity checks implemented years ago where you securely communicate through your bank to confirm the purchase during the checkout without slowing the process and creating manual work at seller side.
    And it is way more secure than having to send any form of ID document to company in Hong Kong, China :)

  • MarisD

    But OpenCart support is really quick on responding to requests. I got mine resolved within 10 minutes.

  • Bassam Khalil

    OpenCart support takes up to five days to view the message
    A problem like this makes my customer upset and he will cancel the order and thus I will lose the customer


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