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I'm not a developer and need help configuring the FTP Opencart v3.0.2.0



  • underr
    In OC version does not exist FTP tab, you can upload/change files using FileZilla. But better way to change files (especially OC core files) is OCMOD
  • Cheri

    Thank you for explaining - I will read up on OCMOD

  • underr

    You are welcome. I am a kind of OC modules developer (link), so if you will need some help with OCMOD you can write me on at

  • varsha khandelwal


    It's free categorized gallery for Opencart . The module is installed by OCMODE installer and do not replace any native files. Isotoped gallery has some interesting features: - You can add link to any image, if link is not specified, after clicked on image will be opened fancybox images gallery. - Every item have next fields: title,subtitle, link and category title. - If quantity of the items more then 12 then displays " load more" button. Thanks to Andrey Ryzhakov for found and fixed some errors in the exthesion.

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