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My Website menu became vertical after installing SSL



  • Jason Jeff

    Its not because of SSL. I think you have changes it mistakenly by doing some additional css work. I also did the same thing with my website. After that I hired a developer and he changed it.

  • maxmarrie

    I think you change the setting of another plugin while installing SSL. I also faced the same issue when I was installing the SSL for my website. Its a pro tip for you that when you do any changes in your website take a backup of it. If you perform any mistake by chance you can set your website with the help of this backup.


  • Eric Tyi

    Basically you have got an encryption error on you internet site your SSL/TLS encryption mode settings to Full its likely on Flexible! I desire it solves your problem! I have installed it on toiletsadviser.

  • Oyaincrease

    Thank you very much everyone. I sorted it out. I made sure the whole files loaded with Https instead of http (including the images, etc) and this fixed the issue.

  • Emma ava

    I think you change your SSL plugin setting. Because when I installed SSL My Website menu became vertical. Now I think you should check your SSL plugin setting.


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