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Worldpay orders not registering



  • Karapuz

    Hello, Martin,

    Try to check 'missed' orders. Maybe these orders are registered but they don't get a paid status. It may happen because a callback routine is broken for some reason. In that case you should contact Worldpay support and ask them if anything changed.

    You can also enable debugging and check 'worldpay_debug.log' file in your store. Maybe it will shed some light on the issue.

    Kind regards


  • Elis Moer

    I'm using the same ticket to play the shadow fight game on my android app and didn't face any issue till now.

  • maxmarrie

    I also tried to registered worldpay but unable to do it. Is there any other method that can I use? Actually, I want to use it for Nepal volunteers. Waiting for you response. 

  • Hudson

    The order will be soon show in the admin page as an order although you have paid through Worldpay. Sometime it took along time as we did an order for travel purse which complete within a month. So don't worry either your order will be complete or the order will be canceled and you will get your pay back.


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