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How can you update All Rights Reserved "Year" on Page Footer?



  • Karapuz

    Hello, Colby,

    The default Opencart takes the year from the system time and it should be always actual. Perhaps you have a custom theme where this date was hard-coded. You should check files like 

    <your theme directory>/template/common/footer.twig

    or in older Opencart versions it is:

    <your theme directory>/template/common/footer.tpl

    You can try to replace the 'powered' variable with your custom text right in the template.

    Kind regards,


  • Mari Tin

    You can easily change footer text by going to the customization and and change it to the current year here on footer section.

  • Audrey

    This is not so difficult. I will explain you through an example. Let suppose pickleball shoes review is opencart site. So you will login to admin dashboard then you have to go to appearance and then customization. There you will se footerbar option. When you go to footerbar section. Ther you will just change the year to current and it will be changed. Just follow these mentioned steps. 


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