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  • Karapuz

    Hello, Andrew,

    I can investigate and fix the issue if possible. Feel free to contact me at I will need ftp details of the store and about 48 hours to perform the investigation.

    Kind regards


  • Azariah

    Kindly check, According to my experience you have installed some plugin which creating the issue. Recently I was facing the same issue on Clash of clan download site. But when I deeply analyze so my employee installed a new plugin on it. Which creating the issue. So check all your existing plugins. While uninstall every plugin one by one and check which plugin is causing issue. The plugin which is causing the issue remove it from the site and you will get the proper clean site.

  • Elis Moer

    If you've got students enter the class after an assignment is already due, the spreadsheets do no longer line up.  I am pretty fluent in Excel and it is nevertheless exquisite tedious of How to join the illuminati.

  • andy arthure

    i have throly checked this website and i dont see any major issue in your website


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