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Gift Card Extension



  • Karapuz

    Hello, Ilze,

    First of all you should contact an author of the extension for consultation. They have to provide free support on their extensions otherwise you can request a refund and choose another solution.

    Regarding the error, it might be caused by Opencart restrictions. Opencart 3 does not allow to install  an extension outside a specific list of directories


    As we can see, the image directory is not on the list. You can try to remove the 'image/kbgiftcard' directory from the package and upload it directly to the store through ftp and install the rest of the package as usual. Maybe some kind of instructions are available inside the module archive, sometime it may have a txt file with steps how to install the extension.

    Kind regards,


  • Ilze Grase-Ķibilde


    Thank you very much :) Will try.


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