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How to Change the Font Globally in WordPress


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  • jim smiths

    Changing your font globally across your theme is as simple as inserting one line of code. Locate your themes editor by clicking on 'editor' under the Appearance tab. At the bottom of the page, you'll find the theme's CSS stylesheet. This is where fonts are defined.

    Changing Fonts with Global Styles

    1. From My Site(s), go to Site → Pages e.g. 6.5 car speakers
    2. Click on the Add New Page button, or click on an existing page title to open it in the block editor.
      • If adding a new page, select your preferred layout or the default Blank layout.
    3. In the WordPress Editor, click the Global Styles button. It’s the “A” button located between the Document Settings button and the green Jetpack button.
    4. Click the drop down under Headings or Base Font to see what font options are available.



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