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how to integrate an API key into the system



  • Karapuz

    Hello, Sharon,

    Most likely you need a special module offering integration of your logistics service with Opencart. Try to ask your logistics company if they have such module or check Opencart marketplace. If there is no such module it can be developed from scratch. Usually companies are interested in making their service compatible with a large amount of shopping carts and they might sponsor such module development fully or partially. You should estimate the costs first.

    Kind regards,


    3rd party extension developer

  • Charles Yarborough

    API keys are used to tune and manipulate how the API is being used, for instance, to save you malicious use or abuse of the API. The API key regularly acts as each a completely unique identifier and Do my Exam Online is a mystery token for authentication and is assigned a hard and fast of getting entry to this is unique to the identification this is related to it.


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