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Google Shopping Extention not working



  • Karapuz

    Hello, Neil,

    Could you provide a link to the extension page? I have to notice that support tickets are processed slow, don't worry. It is OK to wait 2-3 days for a response. By the way, some payments require verification. What is the status of your order? Where did you buy the extension?

    Kind regards


  • Neil Furnival

    support answered my question, fixed it so the products now show up in google merchant center, however there all showing as out of stock and all listed at £1.00 which is worrying, if they were to go live, another problem no-dobt on the horizon, just wish they would either release an addon that actually works, and give me a refund so i can upload my feeds manually until they find a fix.

  • ömür uçum

    I have the same problem and they can not answer about this issue. I have paid £300 and I'm still waiting and loosing customers because off them.


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