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i got charged for an extension and didn´t recieve it? any clues?



  • underr


    as OpenCart is selling digital goods, they will need to protect their sellers from fraudulent purchases. The orders are flagged up by fraud prevention system, and it will usually take one business day or less for them to verify your order. Write to OpenCart if your order is assigned the "Waiting for Proof of ID" status.

  • Live One

    hey man! i saw some life here hahahaha, i thought it was a ghost software i´ve been using 6 months.... first time i purchased bcoz i´m doing final site but scared of scams....i´ve sent a bunch of emails to them i saw i´m sending emails to HK so probably recieve reply tomorrow....

  • underr


    don't worry, they respond, but usually in 1-2 days. As i understand "Waiting for Proof of ID" appears only if you pay via card.


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