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payment gateway query



  • Karapuz

    Hello, Yashashwini,

    There is no razorpay.php in a standard Opencart package. You can address this question to an author of that extension. But generally all payment methods work similar. A payment module sends the order total to a payment gateway which in turn charges the customer that amount externally.

    Therefore you can charge the customer the total order amount as usual and later split that charged total by different destinations in Opencart. Or charge the customer twice by different amounts - this option might be helpful if seller and provider have different razorpay payment settings.

    The first approach is simpler, all money is collected by the seller and later the seller sends the payment to a provider. Of course, you need to have some custom solution for having providers in Opencart. Most likely you have and therefore you can ask a module authors how to implement any of these solutions.

    Kind regards,


  • Dr Manish Joshi

    I think you will need MultiVendor Extension for this. You can find it on opencart's marketplace....


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